A Comprehensive Guide to Build and Setup New PCManFM/Libfm

I guess this is wanted by many testers and packagers. Today I took some time and write a very comprehensive detailed guide for building, setting up, and debugging pcmanfm/libfm.

Testers or packagers please refer to this document. I think the page is enough for solving most of the FAQ. Please tell me if it isn’t.

Here is the guide: http://wiki.lxde.org/en/PCManFM_build_and_setup_guide

3 responses to “A Comprehensive Guide to Build and Setup New PCManFM/Libfm”

  1. You can avoid policykit-gnome and its authentication agent completely by editing /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.devicekit.disks.policyand changing no “yes”. Is this safe? Or it’s just a bad practice to allow mounting to anyone?

  2. This last comment didn’t turn out ok. The correct file path is: /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.devicekit.disks.policyand the atribute is yes.

    I’d also like to report few bug reports/missing features.

    1. It’s impossible to permanently delete a file while trash is on (shift+delete doesn’t work).

    2. The progress bar is not moving if copying one big file.

    3. Select all shortcut is missing (Ctrl+A).

    4. If an external USB drive is mounted and then force disconnected physically without being unmounted, if we’re currently exploring those files they would still be there. Maybe it would be good to add automatic redirect to home folder if a drive we’re currently exploring is disconencted.

  3. It looks like it’s impossible to wite an xml line in this comment box. Nevermind, check out the pcmanfm subforum, my thread with authentication problems for instructions on how to bypass policykit-gnome.

    4. ADDED: not only that, but further attempts in exploring the files will result in a segmentation fault.