The first Beta release of new PCManFM/LibFM

Hello all LXDE users,

Proudly I announced the release of PCManFM 0.9.3 beta + libfm 0.1.9 Beta. Since the begin of the rewrite last year, today we have the first Beta release.

Highlight for this release:
The file operations progress dialog underwent some major rework. Errors are now displayed in a much less obstructive way and the file operations are not interrupted by errors. This improved usability.

Now I declare feature freeze for the first stable release (Should be pcmanfm 1.0 and libfm 0,2).

Please test and make sure things work as expected.
No new features will be added from now on. Experimental new features can only be done in branches.

Now we’re focusing on fixing bugs and improving quality.
Translators please exams the strings in both libfm and pcmanfm.
If there are no big problems found, we’ll enter string freeze one week
later (3/25).

After bugs are fixed and translations are updated, the next Beta
release will be at the end of March.
If there is no accident, the first stable release should be in the
first two weeks of April.

This is the current schedule. Please stay tunned and ask the packagers of your distros to package new pcmanfm/libfm instead of the old pcmanfm 0.5.2 series. This Beta is almost ready for daily use. If we failed to make it stable enough for production use, the release scheduled will be delayed until things work reasonably well. A stable release should be stable. This is the principle of the new PCManFM.

3 responses to “The first Beta release of new PCManFM/LibFM”

  1. hello, i’m use lxde on my livecd based on slackware. you best, but i still use old version of pcmanfm with good support of mounted drive, and in new version don’t work trash support. It say me this option not supported, then i click on trash link..
    and good will be added trash link on lxpanel and pcmanfm dm.
    Thank you..

  2. I will have this debianized and built for testing on Linux Mint LXDE sometime this evening and will report back. Thanks a million for all your hard work.

  3. I have been using the LXDE for the past week with my Slackware system. I have build everything from source. Besides the problem of getting everything working I tried the .0.9.3 with the trash bin but the trash will not work unless I open the trash bin and move my files over.

    I really wish for a good set of guides to get everithing running the first time.

    My system is almost ready with an ISO size of 147m. with xine and mplayer. I still need several programs before I can say it works for me.

    I think you have made a great job but it took me a week just to figure out how everything works. Perhabs I am wrong.