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  • LXInput 0.3.4 released.

    After some time passed, new bugs fixed, so release of tool to tune mouse and keyboard behavior happened. New release tarball download link: lxinput-0.3.4.tar.xz – SHA1: 5719406cdf7a53bfb5d999ecc3aac202c7193783 Changes since previous release 0.3.3 (see git log for details): Added compilation notes into README file. Fixed invalid keyboard settings save – it read into wrong variable so therefore settings […]

  • LXInput 0.3.3 released.

    The tool to tune some parameters of keyboard and mouse also got new release this month. May be it should receive more changes in version number but it got only last number changed. But well, read list of changes below. New release tarball download link: lxinput-0.3.3.tar.xz – SHA1: 0c278a00ae1266c2583e0e14a6352d24cae26afb Changes since previous release 0.3.2 (see git […]

  • LXInput 0.3.2 released!

    A bugfixing update of LXInput just got released, the bugfix enables settings saving correctly. lxinput-0.3.2.tar.gz, sha1: 512decc4605f8bffdb39bc30440242d3fa6321dd changelog f7384bc – Handle settings saving correctly, when there is no desktop.conf in user home/ db0d574 – update changelog

  • LXInput 0.3.1 released!

    This release is mainly a translation update. There are some smaller things changed, see the condensed log below. Get the file at sourceforge.net: lxinput-0.3.1.tar.gz, sha1: eb4a846b90e353f2201de23860888f3e6bc9061b 2d42550 debian: Add build-depends on xsltproc 46b4269 debian: build-depends on docbook-xml and group build-depends needed by autogen.sh 1300a03 debian: Force –enable-man and use verbose mode 7614973 Add debian directory […]

  • New LXDE Components available

    PCMan released new LXDE Components and improved settings structure of LXDE. 1. LXInput. This is a config tool used to configure your keyboard and mouse under LXDE. 2. The lxde-settings-daemon: The original lxde-settings is moved from lxde-common to a new separate package and was renamed to lxde-settings-daemon. In addition to the theme, now the settings […]