LXHotkey 0.1.1 released.

After some quiet time it happened again. We started to release. This time it was the key strikes configurator to be first. Some little fixes done and new version is ready for you! Stay tuned, yet some other updates will be for you soon!

New release tarball download link:
lxhotkey-0.1.1.tar.xz – SHA1: 2f41397a07dc3ae19607be23f61f09cdb93c8a3d

Changes since initial release 0.1.0 (see git log for details):

  • Added detection for LXDE-pi session.
  • Fixed using ‘<Primary>’ keyword by recent GTK+.
  • Added optional scrollbars if there is not enough space.
  • Translations updates.

New utility released! Meet LXHotkey.

Sometimes such moments happen, sure, and new piece of software which was wanted by some, is released, so life becomes easier (not for all, yes, but that is just another story anyway). So meet LXHotkey, it’s an utility which let you to have an interface to manage hotkeys (also known as shortcuts), i.e. key combinations which, when pressed, do something with your desktop. This utility isn’t bound to any window manager, nor to some desktop environment, each window manager support and each frontend is implemented as a plugin. Continue reading “New utility released! Meet LXHotkey.”