Category: LXPanel

  • Translation update!

    New week and time for an update regarding the translations for LXDE. During the last week some more users have started the translations in Pootle and by all means have delivered. Significant changes are noted in Danish that are 100% complete by now, good work! If you are new to Pootle and/or translation in general […]

  • LXPanel 0.4.0 beta2 released

    PCMan released LXPanel 0.4.0 beta2. This is the last beta release before LXPanel 0.4 stable release. Please get it heavily tested. Major changes: * Fix icon display problems under 64-bit systems. * Fixes to work with minimization animation provided by window manager. * Fix RTL problems of the task list. * Launch console applications […]

  • Recent Status of LXDE

    Actually, the LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) project had rested for some time. Though we’re getting more and more people to join us since Linux World Expo 2008, LXDE have no much improvements since July this year. It’s happened due to our main developers didn’t have time to write new code, PCMan took time to […]

  • LXPanel 0.4.0 beta! Testers are needed!

    We haven’t have new releases of LXPanel for quite a long time, but the development is still ongoing. Major Changes: * Greatly rewrite application menu with our new menu-cache library. Now it’s complete and more user-friendly * Improved “Run” dialog * Improved OSS volume plugin * Image showed on application menu button can be changed […]

  • LXDE – video of the desktop environment

    LXDE Video of the desktop: Maces explains how to add desktop icons, change colors and fonts, switch different desktops and customize the panel and taskbar on LXDE Maces: I have uploaded a new video on Youtube. It shows the main features of the LXDE Desktop environment. I will introduce the Panel and it stettings and […]