Projects libfm and pcmanfm are now merged!

Today, we decided to move libfm, which aimed to be a core lib for developing file managers, to pcmanfm project. This doesn’t mean that you’ll need pcmanfm to use libfm. They are just hosted in the same project.


  1. Bug tracker and developer membership can be shared. (The most important one) Since it’s difficult for the users to differentiate whether the bug is in libfm or pcmanfm.
  2. Mailing list and other resources can be shared since pcmanfm is the main user of libfm.
  3. PCManFM and libfm won’t be out of sync.


  1. The original git repo and project page of libfm will be removed.
  2. Previously checked out git repos won’t work and you cannot use git pull directly to sync with the remote one.

However we consider this an important move to concentrate development resources. Since now supports creating multiple git repos for a project, there is no need to separate those two anymore. Later the new pcmanfm based on libfm will be put in git repo of pcmanfm project.

Use this command line to grab the latest source code of libfm.
git clone git://

I believe that the update of the file manager will be the most important milestone for LXDE. Please be patient. Just wait and see what’ll happen in 2010. Maybe it’s too early to expect any eye-refreshing stuff for Lubuntu 9.10 since the major update of LXDE won’t happen in one month. However, we believe that at the time of next Ubuntu LTS release, LXDE will become mature and can be a real industrial desktop solution.

Last but not the least, developers are wanted! Please join the development and get involved if you can.