LXTerminal 0.4.0 released.

Terminal emulator of LXDE had no releases for more than two years. Not much was added, not much was fixed but still some work done. Could be more of course but what we can do with our forces, that we do. Let hope we can do more later.
New release tarball download link:
lxterminal-0.4.0.tar.xz – SHA1: 9f065280fae8b6ca0439699ce73dd661a4f21d43

Changes since previous release 0.3.2 (see git log for details):

  • Fixed word-wise selection issue when running on gtk3
  • Fixed URL highlighting feature broken after updating libvte to 0.60.
  • Added new “Bold is bright” feature and setting.
  • Added new “Visual bell” feature and setting.
  • A few translation updates.