LXPanel 0.5.7 released!

One of the corner stones of the LXDE project is the panel and we have just released a new version of it. As most other components this can be built using GTK3. Git log is available below.

LXPanel 0.5.8 was just released. Please use that instead of this one. There is a crash bug in 0.5.7.

Get the file at sourceforge.net: lxpanel-0.5.7.tar.gz, sha1: 276168fb4560899e83a6a340448c961d63333717

101ce55 Fix usage of GtkAllocation
e528dbe Add new po/LINGUAS
5f9e4cb Generate the po/LINGUAS on build time
77f69cb Use an option to enable more warnings
de94a90 Apply patch from Debian to fix battery plugin display
d5c46ff Some fixes for GTK3 building
ade9c95 Pass correctly the deprecated flags
9ce5ad4 Add flags for GTK3 migration
1ba232d Add missing X11 to the linker
48e6898 Add another item to .gitignore
d6dd79f Add INSTALL file
a530447 Use only .ui files instead of glade files
8e4890c Somme improvement to configure.ac (silent rules, libtool)
ec9564d Add .gitignore
788bd0c Replace deprecated INCLUDES in Makefile.am
47f0a0f Fix brown bag off-by-one in timer setting exposed by once-per-minute update (Bug3124474)
93d9373 Battery percentage incorrectly always evaluates as 100 percent (Bug3006059)
4a974f2 Fix build issue with symbol “alarm” showing up on F14 (Bug3033293)

2 responses to “LXPanel 0.5.7 released!”

  1. Applications menu make lxpanel crashs with Lubuntu 11.04 if it is installed by hand by compiling the sources.
    Is it due to lxde-applications.menu located in /etc/xdg/lubuntu/menus rather than /etc/xdg/menus ?
    I don’t know how to indicate where is
    this file in ./configure options.

    Can you help me please ?
    Thank you very much and have a nice day !

  2. Please report bugs in the tracker at sourceforge. There is no way we can track bug reports in blog posts.