LXLauncher 0.2.2 released!

Last version of LXLauncher was released over two years ago, this update has alot of translation updates as always but also brings the option to build with GTK3 as most LXDE component now has. The condensed git log is available below.

Get the file at sourceforge.net: lxlauncher-0.2.2.tar.gz, sha1: 9e1fead1d24cedfa980db23bd31cc52b45ce1823

92ae20c fix building with gtk older tha 2.24
a9d4ae3 fix-wrong-arg-to-gtk_menu_popup
1ea14e4 fix wrong type
2ebf134 fix-g_spawn_async-usage
48ad68d revert Use GDK_WINDOW_XID instead of GDK_WINDOW_XDISPLAY
43b1b3c fixed broken string comparison
537aab8 fixed GdkRGBA usage
55b2172 fixed missing include
1181daa Add a debian directory
0a0498f Fix wrong type casting
307a8d9 Uncomment background handling for gtk3
9a0c47d Fix drawing with gtk3
9df23f4 Fix usage of GtkAllocation
965c0a5 Remove some GTK_WIDGET_*
fd6e156 Fixes for Makefile.am
02aa235 Use gdk_window instead of gdk_drawable
40b92d9 Remove a MENU_CACHE reference
bd10856 Use a gtk3 function for drawing the background
184aa03 Fix GtkAllocation and border_width of GtkContainer
778e9e8 Remove GTK_NO_WINDOW
5ba4378 Use new method for size-request of gtk3
732a977 Remove GDK_DISPLAY usage
4ee7302 Fix property of gtk_settings_install_property
2b3698b Modify rendering for gtk3
8979b39 Fix viewport for gtk3
671451a Comment GdkPixmap, the code which used it is commented also
dca7f18 Big type casting clean up
9f2d5b3 Fix gtk_window and can_focus
f7efa6b Others gtk_adjustement fixes
c613846 Fix gtk_adjustment for gtk3
d10d9a8 Remove GTK_* usage
9d41540 Add an option to compile with gtk3
d10ea1c Use an option for additional flags instead of the maintainer mode
3887015 Add the ability to use another prefix for the menu (original patch by Christopher R. Gabriel)
b24e815 Remove resize grip wih GTK3 (patch from Jonathan Marsden)
3f9cb13 Add .gitignore file
e21b76f Add missing languages
514c07c Add missing COPYING and INSTALL files
9a65490 Add silent rules
79c4ccc Add additional flags on maintainer mode
a2e0fdd Generate po/LINGUAS at build time
0b9e795 Add missing x11 flags
5c74d1d Apply patch from Enrico Zini Do not segfault if a window manager returns no data for current desktop.
bb46b03 Adding new files
a7dad81 Fix for the new behavior of libmenu-cache 0.3 series.
b8c5339 Correcting misspelling of LXLauncher found by Josep Sànchez
ddfdf61 Fix failure with “builtin” icons; code change propagated from lxpanel
b1ec4b8 Apply build loop patch to lxlauncher and lxsession-edit for cwickert.
cb99b12 Fix SUSE lint warnings
72d26a8 remove distribution of mkinstalldirs

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