Lubuntu: LXDE Meet up with Mark Shuttleworth in Berlin

Mario, when will you release Lubuntu?

Many people ask this question recently. Actually, we do not have an official distribution named Lubuntu… yet. So time to get in touch with the Ubuntu community and Mark Shuttleworth about a cooperation.

I finally met up with Mark today for breakfast here in Berlin and talked with him about the idea of Lubuntu, LXDE and Ubuntu.

Mark Shuttleworth - LubuntuAs a first step Mark invited us to become a self-maintained project in the Ubuntu community. This means we will be able to manage LXDE inside Ubuntu, ultimately offering an Ubuntu derivative, ergo Lubuntu.

Congratulations to the whole team and community. I am looking forward to this milestone!

Special thanks for supporting the growth of the community and being a link between Asia and Europe to Arne Götje.

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5 responses to “Lubuntu: LXDE Meet up with Mark Shuttleworth in Berlin”

  1. I love LXDE, I had never used it until trying out Vector Linux Light, and since have installed it under Ubuntu, and its truly amazing the full amount of functionality given for such a small memory print. Under Vector I think I was using about 50Mb of RAM with a file manager, Abiword and Firefox open.

    That’s how it should be, none of this 700+Mb used by Vista!!