Fedora 10 with LXDE

We are excited to see another distribution including LXDE. Fedora offers LXDE in its new versions arriving November 26 25, 2008.

This release of Fedora comes with an additional desktop environment named LXDE. LXDE is a new project that provides a lightweight, fast desktop environment designed to be usable and slim enough to keep resource usage low. To install the LXDE environment, use the Add/Remove Software tool or run:
su -c ‘yum groupinstall LXDE’
If you only need the base components of LXDE, install the lxde-common package:
su -c ‘yum install lxde-common’

The Fedora packages are maintained by Christoph Wickert from Germany. Thanks for your contribution Christoph!


* Fedora in the LXDE Wiki: http://wiki.lxde.org/en/Fedora

9 responses to “Fedora 10 with LXDE”

  1. We are very excited about this.. LXDE we feel would be perfect on older laptops for our free laptops for students program….. Being a Fedora Ambassador we are kind of Bios though at CrossBytes

  2. Kudos to Christoph for getting LXDE into Fedora 10. Almost perfect for SSD-based netbooks (lxnm need to actually work). I’ve got it on my 120GB HDD Acer Aspire One. Would really like to see an LXDE spin, but would settle for a kickstart file

  3. Will surely install Fedora 10 + LXDE in my old Celeron 800 + 256MB of RAM.

    Thanks to both teams!

  4. who said you need an old computer to use an efficient desktop environment?

    i’ll definitely be trying this baby out.

  5. Tried to install LXDE using Fedora 10 XFCE distro on my Acer Aspire One. But after reboot the login screen hung and it was impossible to log in. Had to make a reinstall og the distro. What can I do to avoid this and keep LXDE as default/as a session option?

  6. Hi tf, sorry to hear that. I guess you should file the bug in the Fedora/XFCE Bugtracking System. Hope it will work soon.

  7. Hi rt.
    To set LXDE as default you could do the following:
    put in /etc/sysconfig/desktop
    (assuming you have gdm) and set lxde as default.

    There is no need to reinstall thee distro, you can restart gdm with /usr/sbin/gdm-restart. Also you can use the console using Ctrl+Alt+F1.

    I like the acer aspire one. LXDE is young but rocks!!