Tag: Ubuntu

  • LXDE on the Nokia N900

    Siraj has posted a nice video of the Nokia N900 running Ubuntu 9.04 Mobile with LXDE on top over at the Maemo Area. Go watch it!

  • lubuntu – How To Get Involved

    Julian Lavergne¬†posted some ideas to get involved into lubuntu on the mailing list of the project which are helpful for anyone who would like to contribute to the lubuntu project. I am adding a few ideas here. == Improve the Documentation == Our lubuntu documentation site can always be improved. Check out: https://docs.lubuntu.net == Participate […]

  • LXDE with Ubuntu on Desktoplinux.com and Deviceguru.com

    Deviceguru and Desktoplinux.com reviewed the new Ubuntulite Edition which is build with LXDE. The community-run Ubuntulite project aims to extend the useful life of aging, under-resourced hardware, as might be found in schools or nonprofit organizations. Accordingly, instead of using a high end, video-hungry desktop environment, such as GNOME or KDE, this parsimonious OS incorporates […]