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  • LXDE Developer Gathering in Taiwan from September 25-27, 2009

    The “Software Liberty Asscocation of Taiwan” (SLAT) is featuring the LXDE community during ICOS 2009 – International Conference on Open Source in Taipei in September 2009. Taiwan is the place of LXDE’s birth. And most of the LXDE core developers areĀ  based in Taiwan. We are inviting LXDE developers to this event, which is co-organized […]

  • Founding of the Freedesktop Group in Beijing

    I was honered to be a guest at the founding meeting of the Freedesktop Group Bejing (which is part of the College Open Source Society) last Saturday, November 8, 2008 at Tsinghua University and to introduce LXDE to some of the brightest IT students from universities in Beijing. [singlepic=27,400,,,] Since my arrival in Beijing I […]