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  • GPicView 0.2.4 released!

    The image viewer application GpicView have been updated; GTK3, minor refactoring and some updates to the infrastructure for building. gpicview-0.2.4.tar.gz, sha1: 423143c850390db9784ad9812b9f929c18dd51ea Changelog 5e5b7ae – Modernize autotools 3204817 – Remove gtk-doc stuff in autogen 2c7cec9 – Fix autogen with new versions of automake 2ca2926 – Install the icon in the hicolor directory, and use a […]

  • GPicView 0.2.3 released!

    A new release of GpicView happened but we forgot to announce it. The main updates in this bundle are translations but we also corrected some build problem and the execution on GNU/Hurd. Get the file at gpicview-0.2.3.tar.gz, sha1: 56e736dc328e206a3f7a72e4aa8da74d3eac5714 4db0d1c Correction to the PATH_MAX problems for GNU/Hurd. 38cc56d fixed link with latest ld

  • GPicView 0.2.2 released!

    A long sought after release of the LXDE default image viewer is here. The major addition is the slideshow feature originally developed inside Puppy linux. Condensed git log can be found below. Get the file at gpicview-0.2.2.tar.gz, sha1: bde109c23dc9497f18a06944cd38c95dc8f34821 05d97d0 we need X11 not a generic ‘package’ 5259143 debian : convert to tiny debian/rules […]

  • LXDE speaks 13 languages!

    Three weeks have passed (was supposed to deliver some statistics last week but not that much had happened so I took the weekend to rest =)) since last report and we have had another huge progress in the code, most of it has happened the last week though. As we approach the imminent release of […]

  • GPicView 0.2 beta is coming with GIF animation support!

    Finally, we have yet another new release of GPicView. Really glad to announce the upcoming release of gpicview 0.2. With the help from Marty Jack and Louis Casillas, some new features are added. * GIF animation support!! * Save jpeg and png files with different compression ratio. * Background color can be freely changed. […]

  • GPicView video of the standard picture viewer of LXDE

    This video by maces presents GPicView the standard picture viewer developed by the LXDE team. Installation in Debian, Ubuntu and other distributions: pacman -Sy gpicview Features Extremely lightweight and fast with low memory usage Very suitable for default image viewer of desktop system Simple and intuitive interface Minimal lib dependency: Only pure GTK+ is used […]