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LXDE Meeting in Shenzhen – Video

There is now a video online of the gathering with the Shenzhen Linux User Group and our discussion about Open Source and LXDE provided from Zhang Le. Thanks a lot!

Google Video:


Linux User Group Shenzhen (Szlug) Meeting and Presentation of LXDE

I had a fantastic meeting with the Linux User Group in Shenzhen, which is just on the border to Hong Kong and seat of some famous technology companies such as Huawei and Tencent (QQ). The Shenzhen Linux User Group (Szlug) is one of the biggest Linux User Groups in Asia and has currently 480 members. About 60 members are actively involved in activities. I am very impressed by the group and I am looking forward to follow their advancements.

深圳 Linux Unix 用户组 SZLUG: Shenzhen Linux Unix Local User Group (深圳 Linux Unix 用户组/俱乐部) SZLUG 是深圳 Linux Unix 爱好者自发组织的团体。 SZLUG 以非定期组织聚会、交流使用自由软件心得 为活动内容,鼓励和吸引各行各业人员的参与,向社会 传达自由软件的力量,让更多的人接受自由软件的理念。 SZLUG 的聊天室地址是 irc://freenode/#szlug 如果希望加入 szlug 通讯录,请将真实个人信息发送给 jungle。只有加入 szlug 通讯录的成员可以得到 通讯录的副本。


Anders from the User Group has written the minutes of the meeting below.


出席人员:德林(Mario), bbbush, Zhang Le, Crquan, Anders, 杨城, 卢波, Dalin, Iyhlnm, Ajon, Hailong



Open Office启动测试,Firefox启动测试。测试发现LXDE在速度上的确很快,给人很流畅的感觉。最后一个测试是Crash
Test, 打开了20多个应用程序,有Firefox,word,spreadsheet,还有一个游戏。在这种情况下系统内存耗用大概380M,
CPU占用率在30%。如果关闭游戏,CPU占用率才6%。这个Crash Test很COOL,系统就是没有Crash,而且反应速度依然很快!

要你喜爱开源项目。接下来是LXDE基金会与LXDE System公司的介绍,更多的关于LXDE的信息大家可以去LXDE网站了解。在LXDE聚会


– LXDE官方网站
– IRC #lxde on
– Szlug
– Groups:
– 欢迎访问IRC群: irc://freenode/#szlug
– 用户组WiKi :
– More Pictures here:
– Video of the meeting:

Fedora 10 with LXDE

We are excited to see another distribution including LXDE. Fedora offers LXDE in its new versions arriving November 26 25, 2008.

This release of Fedora comes with an additional desktop environment named LXDE. LXDE is a new project that provides a lightweight, fast desktop environment designed to be usable and slim enough to keep resource usage low. To install the LXDE environment, use the Add/Remove Software tool or run:
su -c ‘yum groupinstall LXDE’
If you only need the base components of LXDE, install the lxde-common package:
su -c ‘yum install lxde-common’

The Fedora packages are maintained by Christoph Wickert from Germany. Thanks for your contribution Christoph!


* Fedora in the LXDE Wiki:

Founding of the Freedesktop Group in Beijing

I was honered to be a guest at the founding meeting of the Freedesktop Group Bejing (which is part of the College Open Source Society) last Saturday, November 8, 2008 at Tsinghua University and to introduce LXDE to some of the brightest IT students from universities in Beijing.


Since my arrival in Beijing I am supported a lot by the folks from the Beijing Linux User Group who put me in touch with many people interested in a faster and more energy efficient computer desktop – the goal of the LXDE project. Thanks especially to Pockey Lam for all the support and good advice!