Recent PCManFM/libfm updates

During this weekend, much has been changed in libfm.
Many small bugs are fixed, and some missing features are implemented.
Please test it.

Current libfm-demo in git

Get the latest source code from git repo.
git clone git://

Recent Changes:

  • Remote folders get updated when files in them get changed in libfm.
  • Trash can icon in side pane is changed to ‘user-trash-full’ when the trash can contains files.
  • Icons are reloaded when GTK+ icon theme get changed.
  • Fix many bugs and memory leaks
  • Can create new folders and blank files in current folder.
  • Can manage bookmark items in side pane with drag and drop.
  • Libfm became a real installable library and the header files go to /usr/include/fm. Now libfm can be used by other programmers.
  • Auto-completion for path entry becomes more visually-appealing
  • See git logs for more details

Besides, since most planned features/APIs of the libfm was finished, the developement of new pcmanfm is now started and will later be available on git, too.

The performance of libfm was quite acceptable on moderate machine, but will be worse then the original pcmanfm on older machines. However, I haven’t done much optimization yet. So there is still space for further speed optimization.

If you have gvfs installed, libfm can utilize it and can access remote file systems. In addition, trash can support is available.