LXPanel 0.8.1 released.

After some bugs gathered and fixed, the bugfix release of LXPanel got its time to happen. So 0.8.1 now. In addition to 17 complete translations in 0.8.0, it now also completely translated to Japanese and Polish languages. The most probably it’s the fisrt and the last in 0.8.x series, time to do some development is around, you can wait for new awesome features, of course.
New release tarball download link:
SHA1: bfaf34b2574b02b9703777904e658ed082cf17dd

Changes since previous release 0.8.0 (see git log for details):

  • Improved OSS headers detection a bit.
  • Fixed expand setting on plugins with default_expand when more than one is available on the same panel.
  • Fixed icon for task button that retrieved using WM_HINTS.
  • Fixed wrong PanelIconGrid arrangement in vertical panel orientation.
  • Fixed missing handlers disconnect when destroying Task structure.
  • Removed writing debug messages to file when ‘indicator’ plugin is in use – it will write all the debug there and that changes the behavior which was not intended really.
  • Corrected background for ‘indicator’ plugin.
  • Fixed update ‘indicator’ plugin on configuration changes.
  • Fixed battery status: if discharge rate is 0 then it’s charged.
  • Fixed incorrect cycle in netproc_devicelist_clear() leading to crash on resume (after suspend).
  • Fixed scanning for temperature sensors which failed with some kernels.
  • Changed reconfiguring panel behavior: callbacks to plugins will be sent on idle, not immediately to avoid “stuck” spin button (and eventually even crash was possible).
  • Fixed initial icon on ‘volumealsa’ plugin to show real state instead of muted.
  • Fixed ‘dclock’ updating that it will show time on start, not just on next second change. It would create impression it’s slow otherwise.
  • Fixed wrong task button activation on not processed drag of button.