11 Replies to “LXQt 0.7.0 released”

  1. Was kwin used for the screenshots on lxqt.org? What icon/theme was used too? Looking pretty snazzy.

  2. i am in strange. In launchpad broken main package project.
    Do you fill, that you do? I think, without normal package for debian,
    project is not usable.

  3. Congratulations, the pictures displayed on your website look nice!
    I’m craving to give It a try, is there any recipes written somewhere to get It compiled (build order, Qt-4.8 only…)?

  4. are there any plans to enhance lxqt-panel?
    e.g. autohide, programmstarter and so on.

    but anyway: really great work, thank you

  5. How to compile them from the source? and what the requirement for build them for the source like dependencies?

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