LXQt 0.7.0 released

The first release of LXQt is now available!

Downloads and links are hosted on lxqt.org. Mirrors of all the releases are also available on Github.  Issues and pull requests should be filed on the Github issue tracker.

The full release announcement is available on the mailing list.


11 responses to “LXQt 0.7.0 released”

  1. Was kwin used for the screenshots on lxqt.org? What icon/theme was used too? Looking pretty snazzy.

  2. i am in strange. In launchpad broken main package project.
    Do you fill, that you do? I think, without normal package for debian,
    project is not usable.

  3. Congratulations, the pictures displayed on your website look nice!
    I’m craving to give It a try, is there any recipes written somewhere to get It compiled (build order, Qt-4.8 only…)?

  4. are there any plans to enhance lxqt-panel?
    e.g. autohide, programmstarter and so on.

    but anyway: really great work, thank you

  5. How to compile them from the source? and what the requirement for build them for the source like dependencies?