Month: May 2009

  • Please vote for the future of PCManFM.

    Please visit the following URL to vote for the future of PCManFM. Hi, all LXDE users, After more than two years of development, now LXDE became very active and more and more mature. Recently, some developers joined us, and many new changes were made in our svn repository. However, the core and the origin […]

  • Nominate LXDE for the Community Choice Awards 2009

    Please nominate LXDE for the Community Choice Awards 2009 till May 29, 2009. LXDE was started already in 2005 in Taiwan and has spread all over the world. During the last year the project made big advances. New components have been added and older ones were updated. We have formed a viable translation project with […]

  • LXDE speaks 13 languages!

    Three weeks have passed (was supposed to deliver some statistics last week but not that much had happened so I took the weekend to rest =)) since last report and we have had another huge progress in the code, most of it has happened the last week though. As we approach the imminent release of […]

  • Improving the translations workflow with Transifex

    Roughly about a month ago Martin Bagge mentioned that we were researching the possibility of using Transifex as a translation platform for all of the LXDE components. That is not to say that our Pootle server won’t be around, but we felt that our translators could benefit from a few handy features that Transifex has […]

  • GPicView 0.2 beta is coming with GIF animation support!

    Finally, we have yet another new release of GPicView. Really glad to announce the upcoming release of gpicview 0.2. With the help from Marty Jack and Louis Casillas, some new features are added. * GIF animation support!! * Save jpeg and png files with different compression ratio. * Background color can be freely changed. […]

  • Making LXDE packages at Coding for Fun in Beijing

    I am meeting up with some folks from the Beijing Linux User Group at Coding for fun at the Thiz Linux office in Beijing. It is great to see how dedicated everyone is. eMBee is teaching Guang Yudong how to actually create packages. Besides that we have Zhang Sen working on his Google Summer of […]

  • T-shirts and Banners for LXDE

    LXDEs popularity is increasing and so people ask for presentation materials and T-shirts. So, lets design some T-shirts and banners together. We are calling for you to make some T-shirt designs and designs for the display of LXDE at community events with PVC banners. You are a designer or like to become one? Please join […]

  • New LXDE Components available

    PCMan released new LXDE Components and improved settings structure of LXDE. 1. LXInput. This is a config tool used to configure your keyboard and mouse under LXDE. 2. The lxde-settings-daemon: The original lxde-settings is moved from lxde-common to a new separate package and was renamed to lxde-settings-daemon. In addition to the theme, now the settings […]

  • New Wallpapers for LXDE

    Though LXDE team doesn’t have any artists, we still spend time focusing on the decoration stuffs. It’s prety cool! Just look our new wallpapers!

  • LXDE in CentOS

    Avelino from the CentOS Community in Brazil and Chris Wickert had an interesting talk on the LXDE IRC ( #lxde), how to make LXDE run in CentOS. There are no LXDE rpms for CentOS yet, but it is possible to rebuild the srpms from Fedora. You can grab the latest packages from, use the […]