Netbooks shipping with LXDE on Mandriva

I met up with the folks from Mandriva in Paris a few days ago and it was exciting to hear some great news. They announced already that they include LXDE in Mandriva 2009. Mandriva is also offering customized Linux versions for netbook manufacturers and has started to ship with LXDE on netbooks in large numbers in emerging markets like Brazil.

Further on Gdium a partner of Mandriva is planning to ship netbooks based on MIPS with LXDE in 2009. During the meeting with Mandriva we agreed on a closer cooperation between the LXDE team, LXDE community and Mandriva. We wish Mandriva a great success with its 2009 Edition.

Mandriva Linux 2009 adds another to the extensive list of desktop environments integrated into Mandriva Linux – LXDE. LXDE is a lightweight yet modern environment designed to give a modern desktop experience on less powerful hardware. It has been integrated into Mandriva Linux 2009 with a particular eye towards its use on netbook systems, for which it is ideal. LXDE provides a fast and attractive desktop with a traditional launcher menu and panel, a full configuration application, a file manager (PCMan File Manager), task manager, display configuration tool, image viewer, notepad application, and archive management application. Installing LXDE on Mandriva Linux 2009 is as easy as installing the task-lxde package. (

Install LXDE on Mandriva

Go to Mandriva Control Center

– Install Software

– search lxde and choose the meta-package.

That’s it!

You can use the console on root: urpmi task-lxde


* Mandriva in the LXDE Wiki: