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LXAppearance 0.5.1 released!

The tool for setting look and feel of your session, LXAppearance, has been released in a new version.

Get the file at sourceforge.net: lxappearance-0.5.1.tar.gz, sha1: 5cdff02e2c0ba268dbcbe2a9aa5febe3daa7e842

17a9171 Updated copyright year
bb69b4a Removing useless whitespaces at EOL and EOF.
c7b7bbf Correcting automake handling for –enable-man configure option that has never worked in the first place.
7961ca4 Rather than failing with an error when build is run with –enable-man=no, now printing only a warning instead.
b16606c Rather than unconditionally regenerating the manpage, setting the –enable-man default to yes.
df55eb9 BUG: Always build manual pages
d170c61 Update FSF address
aeb2da6 fixed assignment and plugged memory leak
fad3989 fixed the types of the app struct members holding the gtk-xft-hintstyle and gtk-xft-hintstyle properties
1bf9b9a Remove deprecated property in ui file
3936b38 Fix typo in gtk-3.0 file saving
89574cc Don’t use GTK_DIALOG_NO_SEPARATOR for gtk3
8108db6 Add an option to compile with gtk3
e2eadb8 Use an option to enable more warnings instead of the maintainer mode
c26fee9 Write gtkrc file in gtk3 directory
1eef2a2 Revert also commit on plugin
b864865 Revert part of the commit for compiler warnings, to fix loading themes.
29e7d94 Fix silent build
5b0f6f6 Update po with migration to UI
d31af5a Fix not capitalized string
97f5808 Add another item to .gitignore
203587a Remove some compiler warnings
2d9128f Add new font configuration tab.
073c072 Apply patch on GTK3 migration
2664156 Remove 1 compiler warning.
59bae74 Add new item to .gitignore
39bff85 Use directly ui file instead of glade files
6f83e86 Add .gitignore
8f1bbe3 Really apply previous changes
62d4031 Improve build system (new flags, silent rules)

LXDE Common 0.5.5 released!

The common packages has some files that are good to have around, wallpapers and openbox configuration and such.

Get the file at sourceforge.net: lxde-common-0.5.5.tar.gz, sha1: 27ce9bcaf109ded61aa0c691a8dc6059a04a6d08

87c368d Fix install location of pcmanfm.conf file
736ded3 Add missing openbox-lxde manpage
4a461c3 Fix location of pcmanfm config file
7c95c46 fixed pcmanfm config file path after 0.9.8 release
38c0d2f Minor adjust for PCManfm 0.9 LXDE profile name in LXDE session.
908f14c pcmanfm2 has been finally re-named as pcmanfm
278a3f5 fixed pcmanfm command to call the proper config table on pcmanfm2
96fa5ab Set terminal=lxterminal to make it consistent with the terminal setting in lxpanel.
07dae88 Bump version of lxde-common to 0.5.5.
bf7093b * Fix config file of pcmanfm2. * Fix autostart for pcmanfm2.
fcefd17 Properly set XDG_MENU_PREFIX.
00acd9d remove old config file
0f3b683 swtich from pcmanfm to pcmanfm2
3f17c3a Sync lxde-common/debian from debian.
28309e5 Ensure the existance of the ‘Desktop’ folder
34cd793 start xscreensaver after lxpanel and pcmanfm
847a8e7 Launch dbus in startlxde when needed.

LXInput 0.3.1 released!

This release is mainly a translation update. There are some smaller things changed, see the condensed log below.

Get the file at sourceforge.net: lxinput-0.3.1.tar.gz, sha1: eb4a846b90e353f2201de23860888f3e6bc9061b

2d42550 debian: Add build-depends on xsltproc
46b4269 debian: build-depends on docbook-xml and group build-depends needed by autogen.sh
1300a03 debian: Force –enable-man and use verbose mode
7614973 Add debian directory
a61aa3d Correct ids in .ui file
13d94b1 Add an option to compile with gtk3
ffd0d77 Add an option to enable more warnings instead of maiintainer mode
3a0fc90 Add additional flags for maintainer mode
22e5efb Add silent rules
b7e39af Remove some compiler warnings
89e0a0c Add .gitignore
48a5b77 Add INSTALL file
53e5422 Use directly the .ui file
0caaa22 Add optional entry when a program which change keymap is installed (support only lxkeymap for now)

LXTerminal 0.1.11 released!

The 0.1.10 fixed the fake transparency of LXterminal but it broke transparency when using compiz. This release fixes this issue, it also fixes a small cosmetic bug with the number of visible lines on netbook computers.

Get the file at sourceforge.net: lxterminal-0.1.11.tar.gz, sha1: 3914c8e0552f7b8e1e32fde69244f90c16072df4

84506b1 fix desynchonization of terminal index and notebook index (fixes #3372388)
6d11a3c solve rgba composite problems. (fixed SF#3376800)

LXAppearance obconf plugin 0.0.1 released!

This is the first release of a plugin to LXAppearance. This component does because of that depend on LXAppearance and obconf the openbox configuration tool. The second dependency is because this plugin would be useless without openbox installed. LXDE can be used with other window managers but openbox is the one the major distributions are using and the one us developers have been preferring lately.

Get the file at sourceforge.net: lxappearance-obconf-0.0.1.tar.gz, sha1: 9c45fb111391779a504908b6b7edd0490704daa2

3a0fd02 Update FSF address
eef7177 debian: add libtool build-depends
6a1a707 Add a debian directory
26d0cd5 Use cairo surfaces instead of pixmap when using gtk3
5f1f0f3 Add gdk-3.0 when using gtk3
620a677 Add an option to compile with gtk3
8b69f56 Use an option to enable more warnings instead of maintainer mode
fb03292 Remove others compiler warnings
1621311 Remove some compiler warnings
ccbec31 Add another item to .gitignore
41e8daa Update po/LINGUAS
ad5cc6f Add .gitignore
eb3d27c Improve build system (silent rules, additional flags)
e5f91d5 Apply patch for GTK3 building
d448016 Rewording of error strings.
2fc1aa9 fixed some implic declarations
c81c400 Handle ABI compatibility check
6b045e3 Add proper copyright notice.
d72689a Don’t load the plugin if openbox is not in use.
b510e55 Change the way theme preview is displayed. Integrate obconf plugin into lxappearance.
fa397b2 Simply the UI and prepare to be merged into lxappearance.
8901904 Remove all unnecessary parts and leave theme selction part only.
72eb002 Original files taken from obconf 2.0.3.

LXPolkit 0.1.0 released!

This is the first release of the LXDE PolicyKit authentication agent.

Get the file at sourceforge.net: lxpolkit-0.1.0.tar.gz sha1: 8278cd59bc83a8104c1e2316facfbf9a1a6fe121

040639e start to enable gtk3 support
f0aa81a Correcting filename for source file with translatable stirngs
a432e06 fixed libexec issue if not manually passed on configure
814ee2c initial libexecdir support
c042211 Forgot to include the new files so here they are.
b970e87 Adding complete set of language files to be translated. Syncronized with POT file too.
5087383 proerly align fields in table
8d0d0a4 add gtk-dialog-authentication icon
77def25 Little fix. Add zh_TW locale.
93aae7a Add missing files.
973333a Add a very simple policykit authentication agent.